Mr. Damian Thomas Khaw Lok Juang
Founder & CEO of Mirame Fintech
“The Dealmaker”damian-wordpress

Recruited into the investment bank at age 23, Damian Thomas Khaw has enjoyed much success in proving to be a sharp and profitable trader with an exponential track record. He started as a junior trader with RHB Investment Bank, dealing in portfolios of Equities, Futures & Dual Currency Investments. He dominantly manages trades for retail & corporate institutions, specializing in warehouse trading and corporate exercises. He later became a research analyst with Miracle Merchant Capital Berhad before founding Mirame Fintech. Aside from work, Damian is an avid mountaineer and a Catholic missionary. His missions under Fondacio International and Alpha Group which concentrates on community building and resource management have led him to Spain, Gibraltar, Singapore, Philippines, Myanmar and around Malaysia.

He believes that a company should operate like an investment fund. It should be efficient and effective, wasting no opportunities and avoiding deals that are not profitable. He also believes that success to building a company depends on how capable it is in serving and addressing people’s problems while building a trustworthy brand, leading in ethical management, continuously securing orderbooks and delivering unique value services.  

As he and his team embraces the advent of Fintech in the race of Data Technology, they believe that Fintech has leveled the uneven business playing field which has always favored traditional industry titans. With the disruptive force of Fintech, the days of corporations that are too big to fail are diminishing rapidly, turning the advantage from business-centric firms to consumer-centric firms. At the heart of this exciting and disruptive era, is Damian and his team. As the saying goes “In resisting change, it is not an opportunity which you miss, but an era.”


Ng Keng Fai
Founder & CTO of Mirame Fintech
“The Ingenious Innovator”kf-wordpress

As a CTO, Keng Fai believes that through innovation, complex processes can be solved, simplified and refined for anyone to understand and use.

Since young, Keng Fai is very passionate in electronics and programming. He started his first programming at the age of 11 and become a certified VBA programer at age 12. Progressively during high school, he optimized several industrial PLC automation and electronics as well as programmed various virus removal kits and improvement tools. He have participated various of programming and design competition, including an Australian military competition for autonomous drone search and rescue mission. He was also a Dean’s List award candidate for his academic excellence.

As Keng Fai advances into career, he specialized as an Instrument Engineer in Technip and created an audit system to solve inconsistency in data sheets. His system has significantly proven to reduce one month man-hours to a day man-hour in auditing data sheets for oil and gas platform projects. With his programming skills, Keng Fai also designed the first digital signature filing system for an accounting company in Singapore.

In 2009, Keng Fai started his own company for digital marketing services. His business had helped many companies to rank in search engines and promote in social medias by auditing and optimizing their websites and campaigns to the next level.

When bitcoin becomes a trend in 2013, Keng Fai ventured as a bitcoin and altcoin miner where he had successfully built his own mini mining farm with the underlying bitcoin blockchain technology.

As for hobbies, Keng Fai is a martial art enthusiast and used to be a junior black belt instructor for Taekwondo. He loves to innovate moves by learning various forms of martial arts as he often remembers Bruce Lee’s quote: “Be like water, my friend”.


Bernard Ong
Founder & COO of Mirame Fintech
“The Operation Strategist”benard-wordpress

Coming from a family of experienced business merchants in Penang, Bernard was exposed to numerous traditional business operations from a young age. Having to witness the way different businesses are operated, Bernard had a good idea what makes or breaks a business.

Being recruited into Keysight Technologies (a spinoff of Hewlett-Packard), a leading US Companies after graduation, Bernard enjoyed a long history of excellent career performance in operations. He was the Process Mechanical Engineer whose specialty was to create, modify and improve existing design of machine parts to make proprietary technology more efficient for international buyers. He is also a certified ISO140001 Internal Auditor. With the vast experience in revamping the ISO standards in Keysight, Bernard is no stranger to compliance, cross audit and industry advisory.

Bernard is also an achiever in NGO participation, specifically in Junior Chamber Commerce (JCI) Malaysia. His meteoric rise as the youngest Local President of JCI Tanjung Bunga and the youngest Local President in Peninsular Malaysia for the year 2015 makes him an inspiration for many of JCI members. His Local Organization was awarded the 100% Efficiency Award in the year 2015 and was subsequently awarded Overall Championship Challenge Trophy & Top 10 Local Organization during the 2016 Annual National Convention. He was also elected as the 2017 National Vice President of JCI Malaysia.

His first taste of fintech came with his previous involvement in the sector of Near Field Communication (NFC). His involvement with the Founder Institute program and his experience in NFC is a tremendous value to Mirame Fintech as the COO. In his operational leadership, he practices his favourite quote, that is, “The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.”