Mirame Fintech Organizational Principles & Standards

Mirame Fintech Aspiration & Culture:

  • Organizational aspiration: To be the most secured international security technology specialist our clients can trust.
  • Mission: To be an exemplary model of success & inspiration in providing high standards of service.

Our 6 Cardinal Standards

Service to our clients & their trust always take precedence; Our Employees are our most important resources.

  • The trust that our clients have is a direct reflection to our company’s strength. Clients are the sole purpose of our business existence. Their trust provides us opportunity for stronger orderbooks & opportunity. We will never violate this standard.
  • Our employees represents our organizational strength. They are our immediate resources, ability, reputation & trust. Not one individual is to be left behind. High expectations are expected where high level of standard is observed.
  • Clients & employees will not be taken for granted nor will they be abused.

Our goal is to reach client’s need & shareholder’s return through the best possible solution. Efficiency & effectiveness takes precedence in our client portfolio & business operation.

  • We aim to yield superior results through the best use of resources. Every resources have a purpose. No resources is redundant nor wasted in vain.

We are highly competitive by stressing effective creativity & efficient innovation while maintaining high levels of teamwork in leading our industry.

  • Team chemistry prevails the worst economic conditions. Only with strong chemistry can our firm prevail in tough conditions & enjoy the triumph of success by means of effective creativity & efficient innovation.

Loyalty & relentless dedication to this firm is the reason why we are a successful leading industry pioneer.

  • Every member are shareholders of this firm. All efforts within this firm will be reflected & rewarded through their ownership. No effort is gone to waste. Loyalty is the measure of our organizational strength. Commitment to a mission & purpose bigger than ourselves put us a league ahead of our peers.

Integrity, honesty & trust is the core of our organization.

  • Trust & reputation are irreplaceable. Not any member of our organization should violate this standard. We will never place this standard above our profitability.

We invest in the next generation of leaders

  • We dedicate our profits to building next generation of young entrepreneurs and social activist. By imparting our knowledge & investing our time through workshops, internship, business challenge to students and young entrepreneurs, we build strong standards of business & social purpose.