Nothin’ but an FT thing~

Forecasting the Invincible Trend with MFT’s CEO:

Fintech operators are growing faster than expected due to their elaborate eco-system compared to standalone businesses.

It will also catapult traditional business who are willing to co-operate with them. Making the Fintech trend a ferocious & brutal wave. Those who embrace FT will reap the high speed transactions & huge volume, making them surfers over this wave, while those who resist will be swept away by the undercurrent.

The question is not whether it will ever take off, but it is a matter of when it will supersede & break the current business molds, shattering traditional believes & expectations.

Adopting Fintech Will Improve Your Business Process Says MFT’s COO:

As businesses grows, it will be a matter of time when adopting fintech will be part of your business. With the use of fintech, the gain outweighs the pain as it will help simplifies business processes.

While this innovation picks up speed, more and more businesses will rush to adopt it but they will need to know which area of fintech to adopt. Business owner needs a better understanding of what fintech is and how it will make their life easier.

This is because the future of our world will be different. Fintech will be on everyone’s mouth. In the future, we will realised that technology will not centred on a particular platform or devices but it will be an ecosystem providing multi linked solutions to better improve our lifes in ways that we will never think of!

Overview Look in Technical and Marketing perspective with MFT’s CTO:

In terms of marketing mix in a global scale, Paypal portrays a more reputable brand against Alipay. Jack Ma’s direction is to eliminate trust in China which already worked but internationally, this model does not work very well yet. Interface predominately structured differently between two worlds, unfortunately forcing one system to another will have a hard time. However, if the ecosystem can fit seamlessly in regards to interface and user friendliness, perhaps, in my opinion, Alipay has an upper hand against Paypal in the payment processing industry.